Peer Review Process

Our journal relies on the peer review process to uphold the quality and validity of individual articles and our journal itself. We chose to conduct double blind review in all of the manuscripts, from two independent reviewers for each article. In double blind review, both the reviewer and the author are anonymous, which prevents reviewer bias based e.g. on author’s country of origin, previous controversial work, reputation, or personal relationships.

After the verification of the complete submission fulfilling technical standards, double-blind, peer-reviewed process is applicable to all the articles. Each manuscript is assessed by at least two independent reviewers from outside the research unit affiliated by the author of the publication; the author or authors of the publication and reviewers do not know their identities. In other cases, the reviewer signs a declaration of no conflict of interest (direct personal relations between the reviewer and the author, in particular affinity to the second degree, marriage, relationships of professional subordination or direct scientific cooperation in the past two years preceding the year of the review development). The written assessment contains an unambiguous conclusion concerning the conditions for release of the reviewed scientific paper for publication or for rejecting it. The names of the reviewers of individual publications or the numbers of the scientific journal issues are not disclosed.

Please refer to our “Guide for contributors” for any further information.

Should you have any further questions regarding the peer review process, we encourage you to contact us directly.